positive cash flow

 More cash produced than used.

American business jargon. 2014.

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  • positive cash flow — ► a situation in which a company receives more money over a particular period than it spends: »Lenders like a positive cash flow because it provides some assurance that they might get their money back. Main Entry: ↑cash flow …   Financial and business terms

  • positive cash flow — /ˌpɒzɪtɪv kæʃ fləυ/ noun a situation where more money is coming into a company than is going out …   Marketing dictionary in english

  • positive cash flow — /ˌpɒzɪtɪv kæʃ fləυ/ noun a situation where more money is coming into a company than is going out …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • cash flow — n. The total money generated; the cash remaining when all expenses are paid. The Essential Law Dictionary. Sphinx Publishing, An imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc. Amy Hackney Blackwell. 2008. cash flow …   Law dictionary

  • cash flow — the flow of internal funds generated within the business as a result of receipts from debtors, payments to creditors, drawings and cash sales. Glossary of Business Terms The cash receipts and payments of a business. This differs from net income… …   Financial and business terms

  • Cash flow — In investments, it represents earnings before depreciation , amortization and non cash charges. Sometimes called cash earnings. Cash flow from operations (called funds from operations ) by real estate and other investment trusts is important… …   Financial and business terms

  • Cash Flow From Investing Activities — An item on the cash flow statement that reports the aggregate change in a company s cash position resulting from any gains (or losses) from investments in the financial markets and operating subsidiaries, and changes resulting from amounts spent… …   Investment dictionary

  • Cash flow — For other uses, see Cash flow (disambiguation). Accountancy Key concepts Accountant · Accounting period · Bookkeeping · Cash and accrual basis · Cash flow management · …   Wikipedia

  • cash flow —   flusso di cassa   Esprime la liquidità che l impresa è in grado di produrre nel corso dell esercizio. Nella sua formulazione più semplice viene calcolato come somma di utile netto, ammortamenti e accantonamenti. Ammortamenti e accantonamenti… …   Glossario di economia e finanza

  • Cash Flow To Capital Expenditures - CF to CAPEX — A ratio that measures a company s ability to acquire long term assets using free cash flow. The cash flow to capital expenditures (CF to CAPEX) ratio will often fluctuate as businesses go through cycles of large and small capital expenditures. CF …   Investment dictionary

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